Welcome! Kindergarten is a milestone in your child’s life. Kindergarten is not only the beginning of your child's first formal education, it is also the first step toward life-long learning and social participation. New experiences and friends will make the year a special time for you and your child.

We realize that you may have many questions about the kindergarten program. This webpage will hopefully answer some of the concerns that you or your child may have. Please take some time to read through the information. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

If your child will be absent, please call the office to let us know. If you are aware that your child will be gone prior to the absence please let me know so I can get any assignments ready.

Arrival and Dismissal
Students should arrive between 8:00 and 8:15. Students should not arrive before 8:00 unless they are eating breakfast at school. School begins promptly at 8:15 and afternoon dismissal is at 3:31. Please pick your child up promptly at 3:31 as there is no after school playground supervision. Through August 30th the kindergartens will be dismissed at 1:30.

Students are expected to be respectful and follow the rules. Each day your child will start the day with 3 knights. If a rule is broken a knight is taken down. For each knight lost, they will sit out of play centers for 5 minutes. Your child will receive a punch card and can earn punches for good behavior, following the rules, showing kindness, keeping all of their knights up for the day, etc. Once the card is full, they can choose a prize from the prize box and new card will be given to them.

Birthdays are special occasions for young children. We welcome non-edible birthday treats to share to avoid any food allergy issues.

Book Orders
A few times throughout the school year, I will send home Scholastic Book Club flyers for you and your child to look over. They offer wonderful books at reduced prices. Information on how to order and a code to our classroom account will be sent home with the flyers.

Breakfast is served every morning starting at 7:45. If your child would like to eat breakfast, please be sure to have them to school early. This assures they can be done by 8:15 when school begins.

The school will provide a healthy snack each day along with white or chocolate milk after 10:00 recess. If your child has any food allergies please let us know so we can avoid any allergens. (The milk does need to be paid for. Please contact the grade school office with any questions about milk money.)

Our daily lunch period is from 11:25-11:50. Children may bring a cold lunch from home or eat school lunch. Students eat in the lunchroom and then go out for a recess break until 12:10.

Field Trips
If any field trips are planned, you will be notified well in advance.

Tornado and Fire Drills
Fire drills are held on a regular basis throughout the school year. Tornado drills are held once a year during severe weather week. All students will participate and become familiar with procedures.

Parties and Celebrations
We will have class celebrations for holidays throughout the year and the 100th day of school.

Report Cards
Report cards will be issued every nine weeks. The reports reflect the progress your child has made toward various kindergarten benchmarks.

Students will attend music/art and P.E. classes daily. Please be sure to send tennis shoes with your child for P.E. if they wear another type of shoe to school that day. (Some people choose to leave an extra pair at school but this is not required.). Students will attend guidance and library classes once a week.

Kindergarten Folders
Your child will use his or her kindergarten folder to carry papers to and from school. Please be sure to look through their folder daily and empty it in the evenings.

Please do not allow children to bring toys from home to school. If a toy is accidentally lost or broken, feeling will be hurt.


Playground Rules

Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather. If it is above zero they go outside for recess.

Excerpt from the Rock County Public School Student Handbook regarding after school supervision on the playground - "Since the school playground is used as a community playground outside of school hours, it is not under the direct supervision of the school personnel. Students wishing to play on school grounds are to go home immediately after school, and then return to the playground, so their parents will know where they are. The school is not responsible for accidents occurring on the school grounds prior to 8:00 a.m. and after 3:31 p.m."


Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup

School Supply List:

Kindergarten Supply List

Snack Milk:

Free & Reduced Semester - $12.50
Full Pay Semester - $20.50
Free & Reduced Year - $25.00
Full Pay Semester - $41.00

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