Fourth Grade

Meet Ms. Harder!

Hello! I am Ms. Harder, I recently graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with minors in Science for Elementary Teachers and Biology. I grew up on a farm near Randolph, NE, and I have always wanted to be a teacher. I am very excited to be here at Rock County Public Schools

Standards & Content!

Fourth grade is full of a lot of fun and important concepts (in no particular order)! Math includes multi-digit multiplication and division, fractions & decimals, and operations with them, shapes and angles, and much more not listed here! Reading and ELA continues to work on your student's reading fluency and comprehension with a variety of texts, text styles, and features. Writing will include personal narratives, persuasive writing, nonfiction writing, and other styles. Social Studies standards for 4th grade is Nebraska History! Science includes Earth's processes and systems, energy, waves, and more!

School Supply List:

Fourth Grade Supply List

Snack Milk:

Free & Reduced Semester - $12.50
Full Pay Semester - $20.50
Free & Reduced Year - $25.00
Full Pay Semester - $41.00


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Sophia Harder- Teacher

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