The Journey Begins Here…

Rock County Public Schools provides an opportunity for preschool aged children to prepare for Kindergarten and their future learning.  Our play-based, child centered program works with families to create a foundation of lifelong academic and social-emotional skills.

Our Philosophy 

In our preschool we believe that all children are active learners who learn best from activities they plan and carry out themselves.  This belief is used throughout the preschool day for each preschool section.  Learning occurs when children become intensely involved in activities or projects of their own design.  Children have daily opportunities to decide what they want to do.  The early childhood staff initially supports the child’s basic plan and then over time helps to expand on the range and complexity of the plan as the child develops the ability to think before acting.  Our classroom is a play oriented learning environment that is developmentally and age appropriate.

Our Leadership Team

Mark Otten-Superintendent
Nickie Ebert-Principal
Kayla Fischer- Dean of Students
Harlee Gentele- Teacher

2024-2025 Preschool Application

Rock County Public Schools proves a high-quality, half-day preschool program for children.  See the chart below that provides information on where your child would be!


If your child turned three between:

Time of session:

Days of sessions:

Classroom Location:
Bassett Grade School


If your child turned four between:

Time of session:

Days of sessions:

Classroom Location:
Bassett Grade School

Preschool Application

Click this link, Application, to access information on the application process.


Preschool Handbook:

Preschool Handbook

Printable Preschool Checklist

School Supply List:

Morning Supply List
Afternoon Supply List

Snack Milk:

Free & Reduced Semester - $12.50
Full Pay Semester - $20.50
Free & Reduced Year - $25.00
Full Pay Semester - $41.00

Contact Us At:
All questions can be directed to:
Bobbie at
[email protected]
Harlee at
[email protected] 

BGS Phone: 402-684-3855
BGS Fax: 402-684-3808

Mailing Address:
Bassett Grade School
PO Box 407
Bassett NE 68714


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